Emmanuel House

Former 1970s office block, Truro, Cornwall
Located in the centre of Truro, is Emmanuel House, which previously had been a dilapidated, abandoned, four storey block of offices built in the 1970’s, which had been used by the NHS as a Health Centre. The challenge for the design team was to convert the building for residential use, with a view to accommodating the needs of the potential user’s/buyer’s specific needs.
To this end the building has been divided into sixteen flats of both single bed and two bed types. Some Flats are best suited for the single occupant, or student, and some for couples, some also have better access and garden for the retired couple.

The building has been re-fenestrated to meet the most exacting standards of energy conservation. The internal structure also meets the high demands of current regulations for sound insulation.
Architecturally, the new envelope to the building, pays a degree of homage to the original design, but in a more modern, contemporary context.