Cairn Lodge

Bespoke, high end, 4 bedroom family home.
Externally the design utilises a simple yet well balanced pallet of materials and is intended to appear relatively modest on approach allowing the architecture to be unveiled as you move through the building. The rear of the property is altogether more luxurious with floor to ceiling glazed bi-folding doors which maximise the stunning views of Dartmoor and the natural surroundings. The form and orientation of the design were heavily influenced by the views which informing much of the internal layout.

The open plan internal arrangement provides physical and visual links throughout the living area and is centred around a glazed double height space which allows for visual connectivity between ground the first floor. At first floor level the property has 4 double bedrooms and family bathroom, the master bedroom opens out to on to the large external terrace. Interrogation of internal and external activities, uses of the spaces and connectivity as well as close attention to detail has resulted in a very successful and well received project.