Primrose Park, Plymouth

A total of 72 Passivhaus Units
Primrose Park, in the Whitleigh area of Plymouth is an affordable housing scheme built with meticulous attention to detail and vigorous design and construction to Passivhaus Institute standards. The development has a ‘village’ feel with landscaped areas, ecology areas and communal park and a ‘village square’ serving as a visual focus and meeting area. Ample parking is provided and the scheme has excellent connectivity to main vehicle routes as well as public transport links.

Book-ended three storey ats offer a sense of arrival, with the whole layout providing a sense of space. The monotomy of long terraces is broken up with colour to add individuality to the units. At the crossing of paths from the four quarters of the village will be a village square shaded by a large tree. The space will provide comfortable conditions for people to rest, relax and meet. This Public Outdoor Room will be a central open space for people to wait and rest without a need to have to move on.