BIM and Digital Practice

BIM is a working environment for collaboration between consultants. The process of sharing information and virtual workspace increases design accuracy, while virtual construction through multidisciplinary input can increase fabric and performance efficiency and realise greater value for the client. BIM is a system for the design, construction and maintenance of buildings through the sharing of information between consultants and users. The BIM environment extends beyond the design process through assistance with building lifecycle management and even demolition. A BIM approach to building design and management will greatly increases design coordination, offering highly efficient project delivery and reducing contractor risk. This benefit extends to the ability to adapt designs with greater certainty over cost and coordination.

Virtual Reality and Architectural Visualisation

Mitchell Architects can provide a photorealistic visualisation service to assist with development marketing and promotion. We are VR capable and can produce immersive visualisations for a more interactive experience. This is a great way to understand designed spaces and allows the client to experience the proposed built environment and tailor it to their taste.